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Port Carling Boat Show
The boat show August 8, 2004 was amazing. The boats were immaculate. The large audience awestruck. Enjoy our screensaver of this event.

"What is Port Carling? Ask a bureaucrat or town planner, and he'll tell you that it's a recreational service community, catering to - and sustained by - tourists and a seasonal cottage population on the adjacent Muskoka Lakes. Ask a local merchant or tradesperson, and she'll tell you it's a place where you can make fairly good money for three to five months of the year. Ask a tourist, and he'll exclaim what a delightful village it is, how many nice little stores and boutiques it has, and so many interesting things to see - boat locks and a lift bridge right in the middle of town, so many lovely old mahogany motorboats, such quaint churches, and its own summer theatre and museum. Ask one of the local people, and she'll shrug and call it home. Ask a resident of a neighbouring village (such as Bala, Minett, Glen Orchard or Milford Bay), and he'll tell you it's a bumptious little place where people play rough hockey. Ask a seasonal resident or nearby cottager - who may have been coming for twenty, thirty or forty years - and he'll probably tell you that Port Carling is home away from home, and a wonderful antidote to the noise and hustle of the big city."
Richard Tatley, Port Carling the Hub of the Muskoka Lakes, The Boston Mills Press.

"Port Carling has traditionally been dubbed the "Hub of the Lakes" - not a bad description - as it is uniquely well placed to become the focal point for much of Lakes Rosseau and Joseph as well as northern Lake Muskoka.

Commercially, Port Carling is a satellite of Bracebridge, the district seat, which lies about twenty miles southeast, just as Bala is essentially a satellite of Gravenhurst. Port Carling even looks a little bit like Bracebridge, at least in its central core, where the main buildings of the business section resemble those of a large farming town rather than a small village."
Richard Tatley, Port Carling the Hub of the Muskoka Lakes, The Boston Mills Press.

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Visit Santa's Village, one of the great Ontario attractions featuring a family amusement park and Santa himself. Bracebridge is Santa's summer home! 30 minutes away!

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